December 7, 2021

Triple G Ventures, Agile Business Growth Firm, Expands To Help Entrepreneurs Navigate Tough Times

Triple G Ventures expanding client portfolio now includes partnerships with, Artiphon Inc. – designing new instruments to empower the next billion musicians, ASI Audio x Sensaphonics –  bringing active ambient in ear-monitoring audio technology to performers, Caravan Interactive – solving business problems with design, data, and software, Centralized – an AI manager for music artists, to solve the problem of 10s of millions of artists needing guidance and only a few thousand qualified and available managers, DAR.WIN – a personalization engine powered by AI and machine learning to increase sales and ad views for online retailers and online publishers, SKOOG Inc. – enriching lives through creative play, Soundbrenner Inc. – #1 wearable for musicians, making music practice addictive, TYNYBAY – Kubernetes and cloud-native computing, simplified, and more. Triple G Ventures is also an active advisor to ROYBI Inc. – Artificial Intelligence-powered educational robot for children in language & STEM.

Triple G Ventures Founding Partner, Gregg Stein, said, “We see this time as a moment of radical reinvention to innovate and create. Triple G Ventures was born out of the recognition that today’s companies have more in-depth needs extending beyond traditional consulting but fall short of justifying the commitment, cost, and risk of onboarding full-time staff during these unprecedented times.” Stein continued, “We don’t just think different, we are different. We’re obsessed with delivering pragmatic solutions to advance, turnaround, and/or slingshot brands onto the global stage.”

About Triple G Ventures | Business Growth From Seed to Scale
Triple G Ventures was founded on 20+ years’ experience challenging the status quo, scaling disruptive and purpose-driven companies. Triple G Ventures is an innovative, agile, and results-driven business growth firm with a wide range of services including on-demand C-Suite leadership, product development, digital and physical channel development, market and partnership development, and more across a wide range of verticals. Triple G Ventures is strategically positioned to address the toughest business challenges head-on.

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