September 22, 2021

Trump Testing Positive May Make People More Cautious

Fox Business’ Stu Varney joined Fox & Friends Friday morning to discuss the implications of President Donald Trump testing positive for the coronavirus — on the economy, the election, and the American people.

Varney said the sharp selloff in stocks is “what you should except” with this level of uncertainty and chaos. “The betting markets have already suggested right after this news broke that there’s a greater changes of a Biden win.”

One of the bigger questions he raised is whether this will change public opinion on the virus:

“Will this change, public opinion, make us cautious and more reluctant to open up the economy? If that happens, you’ve got a greater economic impact from the virus, a slowing economic recovery. Not good at all. So your money depends on various factors which at this moment… are unknown.”

At one point Brian Kilmeade threw out the idea that Trump getting the coronavirus could send a positive message to Americans if he beats it. “Doesn’t that also send a message that you could say whatever you want in stats and graphs, but I give you an example of somebody who is in that danger age of 74, who is out there, gets it, and beats it, could that also send a message?”

Varney said it could, but argued the “immediate reaction” for many will be, “My goodness, if the president of the United States can get it, maybe I can, too. And I’m going to be more cautious, I’m going to wear a mask more often, and I’m not so keen of opening up the economy and going out to restaurants and bars again.”

He added, “Over the longer term, if the president recovers quickly that will mitigate the downside loss on Wall Street. And our concern about the virus.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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