May 25, 2022

Watch now: Central Illinois Regional Airport adds nonstop flights to Detroit | Travel

Officials said Rivian’s activity involving travel to and from its Normal manufacturing facility became the catalyst for the discussions with Delta.

“To have a direct flight between Detroit — which is near one of our offices based in Plymouth, Michigan, and not too far from the Detroit airport — and Bloomington-Normal, will help us accelerate the abilities to get the right people here to this area and to the plant to help us be able to start production,” Knittel said. “This is a huge win for us.”

The flight will operate between the two communities five days per week – Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Departures leave Detroit at 3 p.m. and arrive in Bloomington at 4:17 p.m. Departure from Bloomington is at 5:10 p.m., with arrival in Detroit at 7:25 p.m.

Olson said that every business sector in Central Illinois has interests of travel to the eastern United States, Europe and Asia in order to compete and be successful, he said.

“This new service from Delta from CIRA to Detroit will provide that service and we are very happy about that,” he added. “This is obviously a business route, but when we can offer more options and more choices, price competition and opportunities for growth, that is wonderful for our community.”

Charlie Moore, the McLean County Chamber of Commerce president, said the chamber was thrilled with the news.

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