March 2, 2021

Watch now: Community celebrates INC. Spot and its mission to grow small business | Local

Benny Smith, owner of Property Smith LLC in Decatur, understands the importance of collaboration in bringing a business to fruition. His business specializes in home renovations. Early on Smith learned the struggles of competing with larger companies.

“Opportunities are scarce and hard to come by,” he told those gathered for the ceremony. “I didn’t really see a lot of collaboration in Decatur, so I made it my point to try to collaborate with as many people as I can.”

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Benny Smith told those gathered about the importance collaboration is to growing a business and how the INC. Spot will assist with making those connections.

He said the INC. Spot will be a valuable one-stop-shop to develop those collaborations.

“When it does happen, the footwork will already be in place,” Smith said. “You just press that button.”

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Tamra Fuller speaks on Wednesday during a groundbreaking for the INC. Spot, a new business incubator at 269 W. Eldorado St. in Decatur. The facility, which is currently undergoing renovation, will offer a variety of services to entrepreneurs. Go to to see more photos and video from the event.

The INC. Spot will provide much of the needed assistance in business structure, accounting, book work services, in-house educational seminars and workshops, a fully equipped business center, board rooms, event space and office space. 

“Our aim is to ensure that new businesses have the resources and opportunities to learn the business world and be competitive in this special market,” said Tamara Fuller, co-founder of the INC. Spot.

According to Fuller, Decatur was ideal for the business incubator. “And it was the right time,” she said.

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