December 5, 2020

Weekly Horoscope: September 14 – 20

On Monday, September 14, the sun harmonizes with power planet Pluto at 7:09 PM, revealing some secrets or insider information that was not so apparent before. Once you learn these secrets, there’s no going back—we can’t look at things the same! There is a glimpse into the underworld, and we are moving forward with this intel.

On Tuesday, September 15, Venus, the planet of love, clashes with wacky Uranus at 11:29 AM. This is a time to keep trying new, groundbreaking approaches to relationships, things that you haven’t considered before. We are being pushed outside of our comfort zone thanks to uncertain times, and trying something different when it comes to adjusting toward our values and romantic desires. We are finding new takes on old favorites.

Thursday, September 17 is an astrologically busy day as messenger Mercury clashes with generous Jupiter at 6:34 AM. People are going to be exaggerating a lot or saying things that they think you want to hear. Look out for people-pleasing and truth-stretching. 

The new moon in Virgo comes Thursday morning at 7:00 AM, giving us the opportunity to get down to business. New moons are times of new beginnings, but they’re also an excellent time to get rid of things that are weighing you down. This new moon is harmonizing with Saturn, the planet of hard work, and power planet Pluto. Whatever is initiated at this time is our way of proving that we have what it takes to be taken seriously.

Also on Thursday, at 5:36 PM, the sun harmonizes with serious Saturn, which is currently retrograde. This aspect enables us to see how we have matured and advanced over the past few years. There is an acceptance of resignation: If there are responsibilities that you’re no longer suited for, you’re comfortable with passing the torch!

All times ET.

You’re getting a better understanding of your responsibilities at work as the sun harmonizes with power planet Pluto and taskmaster Saturn. Things are moving forward when it comes to your job and your career. You are trying to consolidate and simplify the things that you have to do on a day-to-day basis in order to make your life a lot more efficient with this new moon in your house of work and routine. Take this as an opportunity to make or break a habit that will help you feel more connected with others as well as your purpose. Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with generous Jupiter, and you are excited to share your accomplishments with people—it matters more to you than having something to brag about!

You’re breaking out of your comfort zone as your planetary ruler Venus clashes with rebellious Uranus. Things at home call for you to take action and try a different route to get the results you want. There are rules in place, but you are figuring out how to work with them and get what you want regardless. The sun harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secrets, and serious Saturn, making it easy for you to color inside of the lines. Still, you’re using a palette that is brilliant and new. The new moon falls in your house of sex, dating, and creativity. Use this time to consider what is important to you in your social life, and how you can make space for it.

You know exactly who to ask to get what you want, Gemini. Your planetary ruler Mercury clashes with generous Jupiter, which shows you taking action to get something that someone else has. You know who to ask, and how to charm them into giving you the things you need. You’re able to see other people’s limitations, too, as the sun harmonizes with Pluto and Saturn, the planet of boundaries, so you can figure out how to meet them in the middle. The new moon falls in your house of home and family, finding you reconnecting with your domestic life. This is a time for you to redecorate, deep clean, or rearrange things at home.

You’re getting a deeper understanding of others, and seeing where you really stand in your relationships, as the sun harmonizes with power planet Pluto and Saturn, the planet of commitments. Conversations can bring you to a deeper state of intimacy and trust, or you can learn secrets about people that make you have stricter boundaries. Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with Jupiter, and you are eager to share the truth about what you can and cannot provide in a relationship. The new moon falls in your house of communication and contracts, giving you the opportunity to reassess what’s on your plate and what you’re willing to commit to. This is a time to start—or finish—an important conversation.

It’s time to get weird. Aesthetic Venus clashes with experimental Uranus and you are excited to stand out from the crowd and be known for your groundbreaking style. This of course might be because you’re being different just for the sake of being different. Alienating yourself isn’t the best way to ask for attention. You’re making great progress when it comes to your work and getting paid for all of the hours you’ve put in. If you’ve been slacking, you can see clearly what you need to do in order to make up for lost time. Make sure you can keep all of your promises and you’re not agreeing to things just to be nice as Mercury clashes with generous Jupiter.

The new moon in Virgo connects you to your needs, physical and emotional, and gives you the space to prioritize yourself. You can allow yourself some fun and pleasure for all of your hard work, Virgo, or maybe you are getting pleasure out of the restraint as the sun harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of commitments and responsibilities. You are able to have your fun but in moderation. You can get a deeper understanding of your dating and social patterns and fears as the sun harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of deep psychology and obsession, helping you to understand a pattern in your sex life. What are things that keep coming up in your relationships, and how can you break out of these loops so that you can provide yourself more pleasure?

Whatever you’re working on now, the world isn’t ready for it yet. You’re doing things in secrecy and silence, knowing very well not to announce any news before it’s ready to be revealed. That’s what Virgo season’s all about. Uranus clashes with your planetary ruler Venus, and you are thrown into odd social situations that make you feel like your world is upside down. Lean into the strangeness, and take it as a learning experience to see how you act under pressure. You are getting a deeper understanding of your psychology and the way it was formed in early childhood as the sun harmonizes with power planet Pluto. Repair your relationships with family as Mercury clashes with Jupiter—initiate a conversation that is uplifting.

Other people are moving really strangely. You don’t know what to expect from them, and that pushes you to make yourself visible in new ways, as Uranus, the planet of surprises, clashes with aesthetic Venus. You may be trying to show up different on dating sites and your timeline, or just making new professional connections in odd places. The new moon asks you to connect to your dreams, to visualize a future that is outside of your perception, that is bigger than anything you can imagine! Of course you already have your contracts and agreements, but how can you revise them, or make a promise to your future? The sun harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of responsibilities, encouraging you to commit to the things that you hope for.

You’re getting a lot of news about your income and work as the planet of communication, Mercury, clashes with your planetary ruler, generous Jupiter. You are finding out what needs to be done in order to give you more things to share with your friends, making new connections to make more money. The new moon falls in your house of career and public reputation, finding you starting—or ending—a chapter in your public life. This is a time when you can assess what you want to call in in order to bring you closer to achieving your legacy. Of course financial stability is something that you’re trying to progress toward, as the sun harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of responsibilities.

You have a strange approach to intimacy these days, and it might come as a shock where other people’s values align, as Uranus, the planet of surprises, clashes with romantic Venus. You are learning how to connect more deeply with others and getting to know yourself a little better through these new experiences. The sun harmonizes with your planetary ruler Saturn, finding you understanding something that has been a long time coming. The new moon falls in your house of expanding consciousness and higher learning, making it the perfect time to embark on a new journey toward understanding your spirituality and your personal philosophies more deeply. Just be sure you’re not making any promises you can’t keep! People are going to be asking you to commit to a responsibility as Mercury clashes with lucky Jupiter, and you have to be honest about your own limits.

There is an urge to tinker with your relationships, just to see what would happen if you acted a little unhinged, as Uranus, the planet of rebellion, clashes with romantic Venus! You’re in the mood to try something different in your romantic life, and ready to take a leap of faith. The new moon falls in your house of transformation—as if new moons weren’t already a symbol for change. This is a time when you can effectively cut ties with anything that is holding you back from seeing more of the world. You want to learn as much as you can, to absorb information and solve life’s mysteries, and you don’t have energy to waste on people who aren’t up for being quirky.

You’re able to see realistically who you want to take with you into the future as the sun harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of long-term commitments and responsibilities. The new moon in Virgo is a great time for you to figure out what types of relationships you want to invite into your life, and what types you could do without. This can signify a relationship taking a new form, or even meeting new people. You are talking a lot about money and resources as Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with your planetary ruler, generous Jupiter. You can convince someone to be generous with your dream funds. Everyone is open to fresh ideas and wacky visions as Uranus clashes with Venus. Your ideas are so weird it’ll work.

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