October 3, 2022

Weekly Horoscope: September 27 – October 3

Over the past few months, we’ve turned a blind eye to friends starting drama to avoid confrontation. With this weekly horoscope, that’s about to change. This week, we are done acting one way while feeling another. The mask we wear is coming off. No more pretending and faking friendships. Are you ready? Brace yourselves, it’s gonna be a rocky ride.



September 23 – October 22

It’s been a minute since you’ve been able to relax. You’ve been running from class to class IRL and online, working extra hard on your homework, and trying to balance your social life. Unfortunately, this week doesn’t give you much of a reprieve from the intensity and business that has become your life. There’s never enough time for you to take a second for yourself. While your schedule may not permit chill time, you’re going to have to make it happen for yourself. Stop stressing. You’re doing the best that you can, which is amazing to begin with. Just breathe.



October 23 – November 21

What’s a mystical witch like you to do when they’re feeling like they’re not getting enough lovin’ from their crew? You’ll start drama, not because you don’t love your friends — you’re in need of attention from them. Words of advice: You are going to create a bigger problem with your squad than you could have ever imagined. Before you shed your crocodile tears and argue over minor issues, tell them that you feel left out. They’ll remedy the matter right away because they love you. Life is tricky, bb. Stay in your magic. Don’t stir the cauldron. Be real.

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