August 15, 2022

What Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Cisco pay employees in North Carolina

  • North Carolina is a fast growing technology hub which has attracted some of the industry’s biggest players.
  • Tech giants, including IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, have been hiring employees from overseas for their operations in North Carolina, which is known for a sizable and dynamic talent pool, anchored in the top-tier universities led by Duke University and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. 
  • For example, Oracle hired a consulting technical director with a salary of $125,000 to $212,000; Microsoft hired a hardware engineer with a salary of $120,000; Cisco hired a technical marketing engineer with a salary of $116,000 to $169,000.
  • Here’s a survey of what IBM, Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft pay new hires in North Carolina, based on disclosure data for permanent and temporary workers filed with the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification in 2020.
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Tech has been a major driver of economic growth in North Carolina. The Tar Heel State’s tech sector has grown more than 20% over the past five years, and now hires more than 266,000 people. 

“A lot of the tech companies are moving here because they have this access to great talent,” Ryan Combs, executive director of the Research Triangle Regional Partnership, an economic development hub in central North Carolina, told Business Insider. “Affordability is another major factor, whether it’s the cost of a home or cost of doing business.”

The Research Triangle alone is home to 4,900 tech companies with about 60,000 employees. Brooks Raiford, CEO of North Carolina Technology Association, cited another strength: North Carolina’s top-tier research universities, led by Duke University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University.

“We have a great pipeline and we’re generating a lot of talent here,” he told Business Insider. “We don’t have a brain drain problem.”

There are indications that the COVID-19 crisis has North Carolina even more attractive to tech companies and employees adapting to the sudden shift to remote work.

“If you’re from California or New York or some other place because the job is there, now, that’s no longer necessary,” he said. “What you start to hear is that people are willing to find where they want to live and then they find where they want to work.”

Business Insider analyzed the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification’s 2020 disclosure data for permanent and temporary foreign workers to find out what four major tech companies — Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco and IBM — paid their engineers, consultants, and managers in the state.

This data comes with some caveats: For some positions, the companies only gave a salary range, rather than a specific figure. And the data included here may not give a complete picture of any given employee’s compensation package, which could also include cash or stock bonuses. Still, the disclosure data gives a rare look into the actual wages paid by these tech giants in the state of North Carolina.

Here’s how much these top enterprise technology companies paid employees hired in Florida in 2020:

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